Jeremy Jorda

Jeremy has been fishing since he was old enough to hold a rod in his hands. He met Marc Higashi when they were around 10 years old at a local park. Jeremy started working on sportfishing boats at age 12, and then went on to work at Fisherman’s Hardware in Long Beach. He now has a career outside of the fishing world that pays the bills, but his true passion is still in fishing. Jeremy can usually be found at the shop every other Saturday and whenever he is not out fishing with his son Kai.

Favorite place fished

  • Too many good trips to choose just one! (Although recently he has been frequenting Cedros Island, Mexico)

 Best fish caught

  • 257lb Yellowfin Tuna off a 20ft ponga in Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.

 Favorite thing to fish

  • Any kind of Tuna